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October 7, 2015 | 31 for 21

Today we met Matthew's new ST for the 1st time. I think he's only had 2 ST's (this makes the 3rd) and (I think) only 3 OT's  in his 13 years. We are lucky ducks.
It's super duper hard to say goodbye to Miss Adrian. 10 years is a long time - she is a part of the family and we are a part of her's. So - it was just a see ya soon, but still!

So the old and the new ST played a super cute game with Matthew today - something with chickens. I forgot the name...

I'm sure I have an earlier yet photo of the 2 of them, but I'm too lazy to go search for it. This is from 2005. (cut out from a scrapbook page)
Here they are today! He adores her (as do we!)

I thought I'd show a couple of closeups of his bag. Can you see the straight seams? There are 3 pockets on the outside and 3 on the inside.


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