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October 3, 2015 | 31 for 21

Saturday was another busy day! We were all up by 5:30am. Ryan was at school by 6am for an JrROTC event. Then he shifted inbetween Band practice and JrROTC while they overlapped for some time.

Matthew was supposed to have Special Oylmpics swim practice, but with the tournament, we had to miss.
We got Matthew to school by 7:15am to leave for his tournament. He rode the bus and we went in our car. The other team had a game at 8am and his team was at 9am, so we watched the game before theirs 1st and then they played. They won the 1st game but lost the 2nd. Semi-finalists are still a pretty good title to hold!

The 1st game was a really close game and he did sit on the bench.

He played some in the 2nd game, but missed his shots that he took - they hit the rim :(

After the games, Matthew, Michael and I went to eat at Applebees.

I left after that and met up with Ryan back at school, where they were loading up and getting ready to leave for the 1st competition of the year.

They performed at 6pm and then we sat in the stands and watched the last bands perform until the awards were held at 9:15pm.

They ended up taking 1st place in Division II and all 5 of the Captions! Go Band!

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