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February | 2015

We woke up ine morning to a very dense fog... HIGHLY unusual for around here. I should have gone out to the reserve to get some photos, but I wasn't feeling well. So we went down to the green belt instead.

Matthew played Basketball with the Special Olympics. This was at the city meet. They played very well - winning 3 out of 4 games.

This was the only game they lost, but this team has a very good player on it that is a little older, a little bigger and a little more aggessive on it. The photo below is right before Matthew got him good in true Matthew fashion. Matthew came up on him, the young man went to block hi...m, Matthew stepped back, did a dribble between his legs, bounced it between the defenders legs, caught it on the other side and took his shot! He missed his shot, but it was AWESOME! And that is an understatement! Both Ryan and I missed it - he didn't have the video on and I had stoppwd taking photos to watch! frown emoticon But the crowd went wild! The young man wassn't expecting it at all and you should have seen the ref's face!!!! LOL! Gotta love it!

Matthew and his buddies right after with their silver medals!

Michael and I celebrated 20 years of marriage...
He sent Ryan out to get me flowers and donuts the night before to surprise me. Since it was right after Valentine's day - they were pretty picked over, so Ryan came home with 3 sets of pink roses - they were 3 in each set - he couldn't find the dozen red roses that Michael sent him after! LOL!They lasted a week, so it was maybe a good decision! The lilies are the flower for the 20th anniversary, so Michael made sure I had those too. They lasted longer than the roses!

I ran a 10K. I was very undertrained, having been sick for so long, but I did it!

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