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Oct. 8th | 31 for 21 | 2014

We were watching the news this morning, when a local news story about a couple with special needs that were crowned honorary Homecoming King & Queen came on.
As I was reading the link, there is mention of another couple that was also.

Also in the comments was another mention of a high school with special needs cheerleaders on their squad. This one got to be quite famous when she met Katy Perry. I personally know a beautiful young lady that is on a different HS yet and is on the cheer squad. A photo of her with her fellow cheerleaders is gracing a Special Olympics truck to promote Unified Sports here in town.

This football team made national news when the team stood up for a special needs student.

I think that this is so wonderful - I really do! But at the same time, will it ever be part of the culture so that it's not such a big deal? Don't get me wrong - I love hearing about and reading all these stories and seeing the photos of the joy on the students faces (ALL the faces)! I love seeing these! But...  when will it become an everyday thing, not celebrated on the nightly news?

Hopefully someday we will see it become part of the culture of our cities, part of the everyday... that kids like Matthew will be celebrated for who they are - picked to be part of the team, picked to be a member of a sports team, picked to Homecoming royalty - because of their sparkling personalities (believe me - they have them!), not because they have "special needs".

Maybe this is a pipe dream of mine. It's such a hard line to walk. Matthew is our sports guy and he really, really shines! But to think of him in a real situation - a basketball game on a JH team next year? Would it really work? Could he really keep up? I just don't know. But, as in yesterday's post, who am I to limit him? How do I know that he can't. I don't. So we just move forward, day by day and as limitless as we can. Paving the way for it to be an everyday thing someday...

Moving from awareness to acceptance...

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