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Oct. 7th | 31 for 21 | 2014

I have been feeling a little under the weather - go figure! Fall break and I come down with a cold on Sunday. :(  So, haven't been taking many photos.


I can remember my Dad working for a Sheltered Workshop when I was in Junior High School (I think). He managed a crew at night that did some cleaning at a business around town. I asked him once right after Matthew was born if he had any individuals with Down syndrome on his crew and I believe he said no. I should have thought to ask him about it more yesterday when I saw him, but I didn't think to.

Michelle has shared an article that was posted on the DisabilityScoop website on Sheltered Workshops - What Happens When Sheltered Workshops Close? Very interesting that Vermont shut down it's workshops a decade ago and now the emplyment rate of individuals with disabilities is twice the national average in the New England area! One more reason for us to move back to Vermont! :)
There are numerous instances of couples with disabilities getting married nowadays and living their lives as productive members of society - out on their own.
Here is one instance.
Here is another.
And another...

We move forward with the expectation that Matthew will live a full life having friends, going on to college, holding a job, definately having a girlfriend at the least, and living on his own.

We expect this.

We didn't when he was born, we thought he would be with us forever! LOL! And he still may be. But that doesn't mean that we stop striving for these goals for him. We do our best to not limit him. He surprises us daily and we know that he will continue to do so!

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