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Oct. 26th | 31 for 21 | 2014

I had photo sessions both last night and tonight, so we've had a pretty low key weekend.
I stepped on a spot on our bedroom carpet Friday night and it was wet. We pulled back carpet and took down part of the wall Saturday morning. Couldn't figure out for the life of us how it got wet. Thought it had maybe come from the roof from all the rain we had these last months. Then we did laundry today and it's all wet in there again. Now that the walls gone, we can see where it's coming from, kinda. Ack.
Yesterday Matthew decided the park was an American Ninja set, so we had to go back today (once with me and again with Michael while I was gone) to run the course.
He had to run for a bit first (full on run for a block).

Then he does a series of "obstacle course" at the park - monkey bars, balance beam, under and over things, etc.

Then he took a minute to play tic tack toe with Dad.

The sky was gorgeous tonight. Of course this happened on the way to the car.

Had to pull over at my "spot" to catch a couple of last light ones...

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