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Oct. 1st | 31 for 21 | 2014

I broke out my DS Awareness bracelets this morning. I wear them all month long. I did forget to put on my Breast Cancer Awareness one, so will have to add that one tomorrow...

Matthew had an ok day at school. He apparently was doing so well that he earned some free time with a white board which he promptly wrote was he thought was a funny message on it. The friend he wrote the funny message about didn't find it as funny, and that was that - LOL! Then he had to stay in at recess to write an apology note!
After school, I tried to take some photos for this month's header...


For every "cute" one I got... I got about 2 of these...  funny faces or push ups or both at the same time! LOL!


Then I took some pretty shots of my flowers out front, just 'cause...

Frau Rumpel  – (1:37 PM)  

thanks for the nice pictures :-)..a big hug from Germnay ..

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