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Oct. 18th | 31 for 21 | 2014

Today we were delighted to be able to participate in The Color Dash | Gilbert. Matthew's ST's daughter and husband were supposed to run it, but had a conflict at the last minute. They asked if we wanted their tickets for it, and since Matthew and I had just gone on that long walk at Riparian Reserve, I figured he'd be good to go for the distance (it's a 5K - 3.2 mile fun run). I picked up our packets Friday night, so we were ready to go in the morning.

Dude got up and saw the t-shirt on the table and put it on. But it took him a bit to figure out what it was for! Then he was ready to go! Good thing it wasn't too far ahead in time!
Here he is all clean and ready pre-run.

The Dash benefits Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona for this run! So awesome! They raised over $17,000!!!!! Woot!!!!!!
Matthew and his buddy Chase were dancing away with a group of ladies pre-run.

Part of our group pre-run...

Right after the Dash! It was a loop around a local park, but you had to do 2 loops to do the full distance. I knew we were in trouble when we'd gone .25 of a mile and he was already asking where the finish was! Once I figured out that we had to loop it twice - I knew we were never going to get that done! So - we did 1 loop - half the course and called it a day!

He rested a bit and we drank water, then it was hoola hoop time!

We hung out until the finale - the final color throw!

Parts of our group after! With me!

They were covered and sticky and sweaty, but had a blast!!!!!

Then there's a shout out for Ryan today! He got home last night from the away game at Midnight. Woke up at 6am to get back to school by 7am for JrROTC. Then straight to band rehearsal for tonight's competition. See him there in his BDU's???

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