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First Day/Last Day | School Year 2013-2014

I took the photo of the 3 of us in the morning of the last day of school this year. Then we went 6 different directions the rest of the day and I didn't get the rest of the photos. So we cheated a bit and took the rest today. The day after the last day of school. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. It's always really crazy to see the difference that 1 school year can make,
so I'm really glad that I took them today.
Apparently I never took a first day of all 3 of us for this year. So here is the last day of all 3 of us...
Ryan - 1st day of his Sophmore year of High School. He drove himself to school on the last day...


Matthew - 1st day and last day of his 5th Grade year. It's REALLY crazy how much he has grown and changed this year...


Little brother is catching up with big brother!

Matthew was invited to a friend's house the last day of school to swim.
Not too shabby of a place to be...

We arrived home just in time to see Ryan leave to play with the band for graduation. 2 more years and it will be his graduation! It's still kinda weird to just watch him drive away!
He cleans up nice though...

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