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12 of 12 | January 2014

I am trying to get more photos, more stories put away about our little family. It's easy to take photos, but lately I have zero interest in getting them somewhere where anyone can look at them. I want to do a Project 365 (taking a photo a day) again,  but have no desire to edit and sit at the computer yet each night. I am tired by the time I get Matthew to bed and most days, bed wins out with getting up at 5am most mornings. I have followed a blog for awhile now where she uses 12 photos on the 12th of each month to illustrate a bit of their day that day. It dawned on me that this is something I can do. It can be my project 12 - a set of photos for each month at least. I also want to continue a 4 people 12 times too. I did this last in 2011 and I liked doing it.
So - this month on the 12th we...

  1. I started the morning out on a 4 mile run. It's a rest week - next week will be a 10 miler. Enjoyed a beautiful sunrise.
  2. We went on our usual WalMart run 1st thing with breakfast at McDonald's first.
  3. Michael was able to install the radio and speakers in the Jeep - we now have tunes!!!
  4. We loaded up in the afternoon and went out to the dessert to shot and drive around a bit. I got to shoot my new gun!
  5. Ryan got out my D40 and is practicing with it.
  6. The boys posing on the Jeep when we packed up to go drive a bit.
  7. Ryan took this one of Michael and I.
  8. The 4 of us with 4 Peaks in the background.
  9. Jeepin'!
  10. Ryan drove us home after we stopped at LJS's to have dinner.
  11. Gorgeous sunset!
  12. Our nightly Uno game before Matthew goes to bed.

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