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Oct. 30th | 31 for 21 | 2014

The library door at Matthew's school was too cute to pass up as a photo op!
Just add in his scary monster face! LOL!


Oct. 29th | 31 for 21 | 2014

Wednesday, the neighborhood held it's annual block party for Halloween. They close down the street by the park and have food and games and dancing. Matthew and I went up for a bit. He put on an old costume from a few years ago (4 years ago - wow! I didn't realize it was that old! Still fit!). He ran into a bunch of his pals and ended up playing football with them for quite a bit (the Halloween costume took a bit of a beating in the footbal though!).


Oct. 28th | 31 for 21 | 2014

Tuesday night - golf again!
Then I had to head up to the high school for a Band meeting.
We got to watch them practice for just a bit.


Oct. 27th | 31 for 21 | 2014

This last week kicked my hinny. :) So resuming the last few posts...

Monday we had Miss Lynnette for OT. She brought cute Halloween skeleton cupcakes to make. They turned out cute and tasted even better!



Oct. 26th | 31 for 21 | 2014

I had photo sessions both last night and tonight, so we've had a pretty low key weekend.
I stepped on a spot on our bedroom carpet Friday night and it was wet. We pulled back carpet and took down part of the wall Saturday morning. Couldn't figure out for the life of us how it got wet. Thought it had maybe come from the roof from all the rain we had these last months. Then we did laundry today and it's all wet in there again. Now that the walls gone, we can see where it's coming from, kinda. Ack.
Yesterday Matthew decided the park was an American Ninja set, so we had to go back today (once with me and again with Michael while I was gone) to run the course.
He had to run for a bit first (full on run for a block).

Then he does a series of "obstacle course" at the park - monkey bars, balance beam, under and over things, etc.

Then he took a minute to play tic tack toe with Dad.

The sky was gorgeous tonight. Of course this happened on the way to the car.

Had to pull over at my "spot" to catch a couple of last light ones...


Oct. 25th | 31 for 21 | 2014

I have an extra chromosome - I stand out from the crowd.
And of me I know - My family are very proud.
I have an extra chromosome - Some people think that's sad.
But that it makes me who I am - I am so very glad.
I have an extra chromosome - Please don't stare and pity me.
For I like you for who you are - See, acceptance is the key. - Nathan (w/ DS)

I came across this article today on FB and stopped to read it...
You should too!

Dear Past Generation Mum of a Child With Down's Syndrome


Oct. 24th | 31 for 21 | 2014

Tonight we went to the Balloon Spooktacular at Salt River Fields. Michael has a couple of co-workers that have balloons and were there. We have never been to it before, so it was fun! It was quite crowded and we didn't stay but a couple of hours. LOTS of hot air balloons - bouncys for the kids, trick or treating (no - Matthew didn't dress up). The balloons were beautiful! We left at around 8pm and went next door to the Schootsdale Pavilions and ate dinner. When we were leaving - the fireworks went off, so we sat in the parking lot and watched them.

What a goofer! See Batman behind him? It was Batman, his wife Robin, and the super kids - Superman and the Pink Power Ranger - so fun!


Oct. 23 | 31 for 21 | 2014

Today we finally got the outside done for Halloween. 1 week before, has to be a new record for me - I usually have it up Oct. 1st! LOL!
Matthew did all 10 faces this year! So fun! He had to put on an old Halloween costume to come out and make them - LOL!

My flowers are just so pretty right now!


Oct. 22nd | 31 for 21 | 2014

Throwback Thursday, since I totally forgot to take any photos today!!! How about some random Oct. photos?

Ryan, Matthew and I at a Pumpkin Patch in 2006

Carving pumpkins in 2007...

My little pirates in 2008...

My 2 goobers in 2009

At the Buddy Walk in 2010
Matthew Power Ranger from 2011
Ryan and Matthew in 2012
And from 2013 - Palm Springs when we were on our way to LA


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