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31 for 21 | Oct. 7, 2013

Today Michael was at work, Ryan went to Band Camp and Matthew and I went to WalMart. Miss Lynnette - Matthew's OT - came over for therapy and we decided to try some roast chicken with him. He's finally eating most forms of frozen chicken - nuggets, tenders, fingers, even real tenders, etc. - but those are hard to pack in his lunch. I really need something that we can get him to eat at school. So we tried this. Didn't go over too well, but we did get him to put it on his tongue, so small steps.

Then we made vampire teeth apples...
We've been working with apples and peanut butter alot. He has no qualms about handling/touching the apples anymore, but eating them sliced is still a no go. He's been eating applesauce for forever, so we're trying to get him to eat apple slices.
He wouldn't get the marshmallows anywhere near his mouth either...

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