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31 for 21 | Oct. 10, 2013

We got up pretty early, after a pretty late night last night. Matthew got to bed later than usual and then with it being unfamilar surroundings and the excitement, he didn't go to sleep for forever! Katherine had a call back here...

We left at 8:30am and then drove a whole whopping 10 miles to arrive at 10am! Oh the joys of LA driving!
We had to laugh on seeing this right out our front windshield after dropping Katherine off! We drove around quite a bit the night before and couldn't find it in the dark! When I had been up there in Jan. we had driven around and couldn't find it at night either. We found out later it was when it was being repaired! LOL! Still don't know why we didn't see it the night before this time!

Then we went to the Santa Monica Beach.

So pretty again!

They had fun digging in the sand together!

Ryan filmed...

Then we went back so Katherine could get ready for this...
Ryan had a blast watching & helping them!

This guy did really well until it got really late again. He had been so good watching and being quiet until he was just done! Then we went outside and did some laps walking around the pool...

Here's 1 of Katherine that I took on the beach!

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