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March 2 | 2013

We packed up and went to Nascar today. We were able to watch the Sprint Cup cars practice and then watch the Nationwide Race.
We hadn't taken Matthew to a Nasacar race before (we're pretty sure) and we weren't sure how it would go. It's quite loud and it's a sensory overload kinda place. It was a lot more packed with people this year too. We like to go to the Nationwide race so that it's not so crowded. All in all - he did great! We did bring his DS player with us and he did play it during part of the race. We had a fairly easy time getting in and out of the venue too, which was nice. We had a very good time!

These are all a mix of my big girl camera and my phone camera...

They had a ton of things to do before, during and after. Here we were in a Toyota car and they banked it like it was on a track, so you could see how steep it was.

This was golf cart tricked out as a UPS truck...

This was one of the stops at Toyota where they took and gave us a free photo! (it's a pic of a pic)

Chances to sit in cars...

Race mini race cars...  We stayed at this one quite a bit and came back a second time - LOL!

Enjoyed the (rather warm) sun...

Here the Sprint Cup cars are out. You can see Tony Stewart's car coming out of the pits, with Danica's car right after...

The winner of the Nationwide series...

Afterwards, we wandered around the trucks again (where all the merchandise is). Ryan wanted a new shirt (he got a Ryan Newman one) and then Matthew wanted one. I had gotten a Danica one when we 1st got there and Matthew was set on getting one too! LOL!

Another free together photo!

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