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December Daily | 2012

December Daily | Dec. 21st | 2012
Ryan wore his BDU's to school with his new boots that he got for his birthday. Looks kinda official, doesn't he?

December Daily | Dec. 21st | 2012
Matthew came down with croup again last night, which kinda threw a monkey wrench into our plans for the weekend. He had stayed home the day before, because he was acting and looking sick. He'd been kinda "off" all week too. Then we woke up and heard the breathing and the cough. Of course, all the meds that I have for him were expired, so I stayed home to get him to the doc to see if we could still go on with our plans. But in the end, we decided to to cancel and keep him home, which proved to be the right choice.

December Daily | Dec. 22nd | 2012
Micheal and I ended up shopping a bit more today, with the boys going to Gma's for awhile. Smokey has decided that he is a lap dog. After we got home and Michael was trying to relax and watch a bit of TV, this is what happened! LOL! He's decided that when he needs a bit of attention from someone, he'll just crawl right up there. Bella is starting to do it too...

December Daily | Dec. 23rd | 2012
Lazy day around the house today. We moved the Jeep into the garage from the side of the house and Ryan DROVE it around the neighborhood for awhile - 1st driving lessons. He did pretty good... a bit speedy and a little lurchy, but ok generally.
This turned into an quite photo session for the boys. I was trying to get a photo of Ry with the Jeep and everyone else got in on it...

December Daily | Dec. 23rd | 2012
Yep - dirty face from playing basketball, sores on face from picking at them, tired eyes from croup. But still as adorable as can be...

December Daily | Dec. 23rd | 2012
Yes - he does smile!!!! Love my man...

December Daily | Dec. 23rd | 2012
We went Christmas light looking last night and ended up on our favorite street. It's a cul-de-sac that everyone on it decorates. Every year it becomes a bit more of a zoo, but I think we've gone there every year that I can remember since we moved here. These are a mix of camera phone pics and Ryan's P/S.

December Daily | Dec. 23rd | 2012
We were leaving and had crossed the street, when Matthew spotted Santa!!! He was dressed in Harley leather and was out and about checking on children to make sure they were still being good! He called Matthew by name and listened to Matthew's Christmas list again. It was the total highlight of our evening - esp. Matthew's - and I think Matthew made his night too!

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