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December Daily | 2012

My Dad called me today on my "Daily" posting - LOL! - so thought I'd catch up tonight...

December Daily | Dec. 8th | 2012
Matthew was invited to a birthday party today. They went "lawn sledding" - AZ's answer to snow sledding...

December Daily | Dec. 8th | 2012
He absolutely loved it!!!!

 December Daily | Dec. 9th | 2012
Deck the Halls! All the decorations went up this weekend.
December Daily | Dec. 10th | 2012
Daddy fixed the basketball hoop. It's up higher than it was, but didn't stop Dude from sinking them...
December Daily | Dec. 10th | 2012
Miss Lynnette brought a cool game for you to play today. You had to roll the dice and then color in the number on the gingerbread man. Whom ever colored it in first, won
 December Daily | Dec. 10th | 2012
Of course, you won!
December Daily | Dec. 11th | 2012
Ho, Ho, Ho!
December Daily | Dec. 12th | 2012
Miss Adrian came today and we played Headbanz. You have the hardest time not telling her what she is...
 December Daily | Dec. 13th | 2012
It just cracks me up that Ryan turns this into his personal countdown for the last couple of years. I took off last year's when I put it out, and within a few days, he'd done it again! LOL!
 December Daily | Dec. 14th | 2012
Not much to say today. Feeling very sad about the tragedy in CT. It rained today in AZ. I think the sky's were weeping too...
 December Daily | Dec. 15th | 2012
We took him out and bought his presents with him, so he had nothgin to unwrap this year! he did get to unwrap Gma & Gpa's presents.
 December Daily | Dec. 15th | 2012
Took all these photos on the 16th when Gma & Gpa came over for cake.
 December Daily | Dec. 15| 2012
He asked for the cinnamon muffins that I make to be made into a cake instead, so we did.
Gpa took him to go see a Christmas train layout too.
 December Daily | Dec. 15th | 2012
Cheating today, for I totally didn't take a single photo. It's Ryan's 15th birthday on the 15th today!
We ate at Chili's on the 16th and he chose the Chocolate Molten cake to have for his treat from Chili's! He tried the pretzel breadsticks from there today too.
 December Daily | Dec. 16th | 2012
Mom and Dad came over tonight for awhile and I helped them with their Christmas letter. They actually had me take a new photo of them too!

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