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31 for 21 | day 30 | 10.29.12

I will finish 31 for 21! I will!
Today Miss Lynnette came for OT and the 2 of you made Mummy Dogs! LOL! Hot dogs (I had big ones, so we cute them in half) wrapped up, "mummy style", in crescent rolls, then baked. You actually wrapped them up yourself, which is a pretty big deal!

Then you both played with Jello worms that Miss Lynnette had made and brought from home. The only problem was that they stayed in the cooler in the car too long and were kinda smelted together. But you still dug around. You put your hands in it the 1st time and then had to have a spoon after that.

You did kiss a mummy dog and the worms once each, but that was all we could get. We'll take it though...

Then you played a new game on the iPad for a few minutes...

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