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31 for 21 | day 28 | 10.27.12

Today was the Buddy Walk to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness. We actually have 2 Buddy Walks in town, but the 1st was in Sept. and we weren't able to attend. This one is part of the ASU Homecoming parade and is usually alot of fun (for Matthew)!

I'm pretty sure our group spanned the length of the parade route from start to finish - there were alot of us!!!!!

We walked the parade and he angled over to the side to walk.

He kept getting farther and farther away from us - high-fiving all those that would co-operate with him, which was pretty much everyone!

I ran ahead to catch up with him and noticed a photographer taking his photo. She ended up being from the newspaper! He didn't make the print version, but the following photo ended up online in their gallery of photos from the day...

After we marched we pulled over to watch the rest of the parade.
Showing the "fork", ASU's sign...

He saw this basketball game when we got there. It wasn't opened yet and he had to wait until after the parade to shoot.

So proud that he made it! :)

He ended up with 3 t-shirts that day, the one from the walk, a Future ASU shirt and a shirt from this booth too! LOL!

Janet  – (4:54 PM)  

Oh, that picture should have made the newspaper!! What a cool pic!

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