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31 for 21 | day 6 | 10.5.2012

I have dropped Matthew off at the curb drop off at school everyday this year. I started it at the end of last year. This year, I only went to check on him the very 1st day of school (It was a new classroom and I wanted to make sure he got there and didn't stop at the old one. He didn't! :). It's quite the big step for me to drop him off and trust that he gets to where he's going, but it's an important one for him in his confidence. You can also note the outfit. Every night I lay out clothes for him for school the next day. He kinda knows that if there's clothes out - it's a school day the next day. Several times this week, the morning of, he has put back what I laid out and gotten out his own choice. They haven't quite gone together - today's choice was a purple shirt with the bright blue shorts - but they were his choice. So I went with it. He's also very insistent that his shirts are tucked in this week. Goober.

Friday Night Lights - It was MHS's Homecoming tonight. The band played before the game and then participated in the Halftime Show that announced the Homecoming Court.

Someone had to have bunny ears (Mesa Jackrabbits), and bling beads. Guess who ended up wearing the bunny ears right after this photo?
I should have had Michael take a photo of me...   :)

Ryan is the 2nd one over from the left...
All sharp with his fresh haircut..

Don't know which one he is, but this looked so cool as we were leaving tonight - the smoke from the fireworks from the touchdown Mesa had just scored...

The Band took 1st place in their division last Saturday at the competition they went to. They are in another one tomorrow, so hopefully they will do good then too...

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