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31 for 21 | day 19 | 10.18.12

It was teacher conference day today. Ryan doesn't have them anymore, but we did get his report card last week. All A's with 1 B (in Geometry)! WTG, Ry! Met with Matthew's teacher today. We weren't going to met and then she decided to go over something with me and we scheduled it, only to have him start really working at the math issue in the last few weeks. It was still really good to touch base with her on things and to hear about what all they are doing in the room.
They have been talking about plants and then also did some pumpkin sequencing today. He did the "spider web" to get the facts down and they were going to have him stop at that, but he wanted to go on and right it out, and so he did!
I'm trying to use my camera phone more ofter, so the next few are from there...

They went through the steps with this cute little pumpkin today.

I had gotten a Sonic cherry limeade slushy on the way to school today. Matthew asked me what it was and then siad "no thank you" after I told him what it was. I told him it tasted like Mountain Dew and he should try it. To my surprise, he did, (it's a slushy!!!!) and drank quite a few slurps of it!!!

When we finally picked up Ryan from school, he had to dig into Michael's old uniforms to see what was in the tub. They are having their big physical activity that will promote them to the next grade (yeah - don't quite understand all that yet, so I know I'm not saying it right) on Saturday. After that they can wear BDU's to school, so he wanted to see what there was. Of course, Matthew had to try it all on and Ryan helped get him into it...

It was Ryan's first day of wearing the jacket to school.

Ha - I made him smile!

This was a very important thing today. Lots of thinking of and praying for going out today...

Janet  – (7:34 AM)  

"After that I scoop the guts." Okay, that made me laugh!! Great pics, as always. LOVE the smiling picture of Ryan, of course. I also like the one of the two boys in the uniform and Matthew trying to look all official. You have good lookin' babies, Mama!

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