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31 for 21 | day 1 | 9.29.2012

Ok. So I cheated just a bit for the very 1st 31 for 21 post for 2012! LOL! Sue me...  :)

Saturday, Matthew competed in his 1st Special Olympics Golf Skills Contest. He has done swimming the last couple of years, baseball for 3 years at least and basketball for 2 years, but this is our first year with golf. He has done very well at practices, listening to the coaches and has added to his skills - LOL! Of course, this weekend, it decided to warm up again and was over 100 degrees that day. Ugh. But we had a nice time and he had fun!!!
We got there an hour early (as we were asked to) with plenty of time to try on his new shirt, pose for some photos and spend a little time on the driving range.
Next year, we now know to get there and have breakfast at the Club House...

Stylin' man...

Then it was onto the start of the competition...  They were given 5 shots in 6 different areas.

Then it was all tallied up on his score card...

And it was time to relax and watch the players finishing up!

Awards time!!! Taking home the silver!!!!!!

With his buddy, the Gold medalist!!!!!   :)

The state competitions are coming up early Nov. and we're hoping to attend. Hoping also that in the next few years, he will move out of the "skills" level and be ready to tackle the greens...

Saturday was a busy day. Matthew had Golf, Ryan has his 1st Band Competition of the season and I have my 1st photo session of the season. Too bad it decided to be so hot today! :)

evrfwd  – (3:17 PM)  

He is so adorable! Love these photos! He's very talented.

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