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August | 2012

August brought with it lots of hot, hot temperatures. We tried doing a few things, but swimming is the biggest and most appropriate - LOL!
We did brave the heat and go to the driving range one Sunday late afternoon to prepare Matthew for Special Olympics golf that starts on the 14th. The driving range was closed, but we were able to use the putting green for a bit.

The sunlight gets so pretty right before sunset...

Matthew's OT brought a lego set for him to build one day...

And then back-to-school started with Meet the Teacher night on the 6th. Matthew has a new teacher this year, since he has moved up to the 4th, 5th, 6th grade combo. He had gone into her classroom last year for a reading block, but will be with her full time this year. He's railed against it a little bit the 1st week and a half, but we kinda expected him too some. Not bad, he's just pushing a little to see what he can get away with - LOL!

I guess this really should have been in July, but oh well! Ryan started our his High School years with Marching Band camp. They went a full week - 7am until 8pm at night and then another half week of just mornings - to learn all things marching. I caught him in the parking lot that 2nd week coming off the field. He's using an older tuba for practice, but will be marching with a brand new silver one.
The 1st game is this week!

Then it was the 1st day of school on the 8th. Michael had to go out of town for school on Monday the 6th and he didn't get home until the 12th.
Here we have the Kindergarten aide, the 4th grader, and the HS freshman before school.
Ryan has late start on Wed's, so I drop him off before taking Matthew to school and then going to school myself. The other days of the week, Ryan has to be on the field for MB by 6:30am, so he gets there by 6:15 at the latest. Matthew's school starts at 8:20 and I have to be at my school by 8:30am.

I waited until after school to take the traditional photos in front of the door this year. The sun wasn't on them, but boy was it hot. We were sweating in 5 minnutes or less...

You can see the 1st day of school photos from last year here...

And you can see the last day of school photos from last year here...

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