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The Rest of April | April 2012

Now that summer's almost over...  :(    I'll try to catch up what's been going on around here. Here are the rest of what happened in April...

We went to soccer games. Ry did pretty good. The team(s) struggled some, but he played.

We went to baseball games for this one most weekends. He kept everyone in stitches...

We took a trip up to 4 Peaks in the Jeep one Sunday. It was like Gilligan's Island - you know - the 3 hour tour? LOL! Something like a 6 hour + trip. We went to the top of 4 Peaks, got out and hiked some (there was still snow at the top in the shadows!), and then decided to go down the backside towards Roosevelt Lake. Absolutely beautiful? Yes!!!!!! Longer Trip than we expected? Yes!!!!! Lots of little windy, mountainside roads with vehicles with boats towed behind! Yikes!!!!! It was lots of fun, but I don't know that we'll be doing it again any time soon...

Matthew had therapy every week, as usual. He learned how to play the Angry Birds game - non-iPad version...

The boys starting doing what has become an all-summer project, off and on. Making videos. Matthew stars and Ryan films, directs and edits. I'll have to post one soon. They are everything from music videos, to Power Ranger Samauri fights to Wrestling.

I turned 45 and celebrated on my birthday by finding out that I had 2 more areas with skin cancer - one on my hand that was squamous cell and another area next to the 1st place from last year was melanoma again. I had to go into the office on the afternoon of my birthday and have my hand scraped to remove the squamous cell skin cancer. I had surgery in May to remove the melanoma on my arm.
The day after my birthday, on Saturday, Ryan and I ran in the Glow Run. He did the 5K and I did the 10K. It was quite fun, a little warm, but beautiful after the sun started setting. The route was lined in tea lights, hence the glow!

Janet  – (9:44 PM)  

Love the picture of your little ham at his bubby's baseball game. Such a cutie! Also love the picture of you and Ryan at the 5K/10K. What a great thing to share!!

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