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January | 2012

January started out with Matthew having surgery on his eyes the day after Michael's Birthday...

We were sooo worried about all this. He had surgery on both eyes to correct the cross eyed-ness. He went into it all fine, left with the nurse without problem. They came and got us when he woke up. He was miserable. They ended up giving him something (Demerol?) to make him relax for he was clawing at his eyes and crying so much. He kept saying his eyes itched. We knew that his eyes would be red on the inside corners and now - 2 months after surgery - they are finally looking normal again. Back to that day - We took him home with a damp washcloth on his eyes and he stayed that way all day, all night. We finally got him to take it off on Sat. but he kept saying that his eyes itched. By Sunday, you could see the bridge of his nose was swollen and all broken out. I think he had an allergic reaction to something. The doc said they put iodine around his eyes, so maybe that. His nose got him to stop picking on the corner of his mouth and right under his nose, but it took forever for them all to clear up. It was a miserable weekend with him not feeling so good.

On January 15th - I became an offical 1/2 marathoner. 13.1 miles. I LOVED it!!!! I had hoped to finish in 3 hours and ended up coming in at 2:49!!!!

Here is the start - you can see Michael right there on the left and I'm talking to Ryan.

Somewhere just past the middle of the race.

The finish line!
The bling!

Ryan started Cross Country this semester. It was his gift to me for Christmas! They ran 2 miles for their meets.

Matthew started baseball pratice.

And basketball practice...

Those were some busy weeks! :)

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