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Ryan House Run 1/2 Marathon | March 3, 2012

After running the PF Changs Rock n Roll 1/2 in January, I quickly started looking for my next 1/2. Yep. Hooked! I wanted to run the innagural Phoenix (1/2) Marathon, but it sold out a few hours before I remembered to sign up. I looked around and checked our schedules and ended up signing up for the Ryan House Run 1/2 Marathon. It was up at DC Ranch in North Scottsdale, about 45 minutes up the highway. It started at 7am, so I was up bright and early. Got there about 1/2 early - used the restroom at Safeway and wandered for a bit before finding my friend, Sharon. Here's the start. Sharon didn't stick with me, for she is faster than me! She ended 1/2 hour before I did.

I took the point & shoot along this time. Michael and the boys stayed home for this one. There was some confusion as to whether Ryan was to be at the awards ceremony for the Science Fair at 11am that day.
(I ended up home in time and we all went. He wasn't supposed to be there, we found out. We thought we could get his certificate, but he didn't end up getting it until the following Tues.)
It's a little hard to run and point at the same time, so some of these are shaky... Such a pretty run though!!! VERY hilly though - wasn't used to that at all!!!!

I had sooooo much fun!!!!

This is the (backside) of the nice man that I talked to for a bit. I ended up going on the sidewalk when we hit the split counter (I didn't know what it was!) and he told me I needed to go back around it. Then I took off and passed him...

This is on the way back, but when we hit this spot the 1st time, the people I was following went to the right and were heading the wrong way. Luckily this very nice lady figured out that we were going the wrong way and we doubled back. She was very nice and I had a nice time talking to her until we were heading up our 1st big hill and I needed to push and ended up WAY in front of her...
This is her & I on the way up. She was just going a little too slow for me. NOT that I'm any speed demon...

At mile 9, I got out a GU to fuel and must have hit the pause on my Nike+.

Didn't figure it out until a mile later, when I was coming up on mile 10. Ack.

I got to the finish and it was so cool! They announced my name and city and said something abut me having a big smile on my face (which I did!). Since my Nike+ had paused, I really had NO idea bout my time...
I went over to this cool station they had, where you could check...

2 hours and 30 minutes!!!!! 
A PR by 20 minutes over my RnR time!!!! I was so excited!!!!!!!!
Hills and everything!

These are some off the site. You can see me inbetween the 2 men in blue shirts and my friend Sharon on the right of me in the blue.

I'm signed up for a couple more 10K's in the next month and then it's will be too hot around here... boo!

I came home, showered and was back out the door in about 10 minutes to go to the Science Fair thing. We ate  and then came home. I ended up out with my camera for a bit that evening.
Matthew & I found this ladybug on the sidewalk a few days earlier. He's disabled - one wing is gone somehow. Can't tell if it was born that way or it was pulled off. Was really cool that he was still crawling around on my flowers days later...


Ryan's Science Fair Project | March 1, 2012

Ryan is in an Advanced Science class at school and they had to do a Science Fair Project this year. He chose to do a project with crystals (of course). He had 2 different kinds of crystal kits - 2 of each of them. He then put one of each of the crystals in the kitchen window sill and the other 2 in the fridge. We took photos of the growth every morning and evening for 7 days. Then he compared the 2 in his project. On the 1st, they attended the very 1st Junior High Science Fair to compete. He ended up getting 2nd place in his division of Earth & Planetary Sciences!!!! Go Ryan!!!! He received a certificate and $15 (which he actually bought a book with!!! the 2nd in the Hunger Games series...).Here he is talking to one of the sets of judges...

The principal came by and stopped too while they were there. She was very impressed with his project and how he was handling the "interview"! Nice!!!!


February | 2012

Buckle up. This one will be a long one to get it all in...Grammie & Grandpy - there are several updates after this one, so keep on looking until you don't see any new ones...
On Feb. 4th, Ryan ran his 1st 5K race (3.1 miles). He asked to run one, researched and picked this one out. It was the Gilbert Police Rock & Run for Special Oylmpics. We all went and Matthew took alot of the photos - LOL!

Ryan finished up his Science Fair project. He grew 2 different types of crystals in 2 places - the window sill and the fridge and then compared them. It was 1 week of taking photos every morning and evening.

Feb. 6th Cross Country Meet...

Michael bought me a beautiful ranunculus plant that I am enjoying so very much! 1st time I've ever seen this plant in person...

On Feb. 11th, Matthew had his Opening Ceremonies for baseball. He's on the Cubs this year...
His teacher from school came to watch!

After the baseball was over, Michael and I took the boys to Grandma's and we went on the Arizona Centennial Ride with 1000's of other motorcycle riders. No one ever had an official count that I know of. They were expecting 2,000 and I KNOW there were way more than that there. We rode from Mesa Riverview to the State Capitol. So very cool!!!!!
This is just some of the cycles parked.

February 13th - Cross Country Meet

February 14th - Matthew's 1st basketball game...

He shoots - he scores!!!!!

His teacher came to watch once again!!!   :)  Gma & Gpa were there too, but I totally didn't get a photo...

Michael & I celebrated our 17th Anniversary. He surpised me with these beautiful tulips...

Feb. 21st - Ryan's Cross Country Meet. Matthew had bastketball practice this day. Michael was in CA for the day. I missed Ryan's run and ended up there shortly after. His coach sent this photo to me of him crossing the finish line.

Feb. 22nd - Matthew's Basketball game

LOL - The boys have to tease me now, for I forgot the eggs in a brownie mix one night and now they mon't let me forget...

Feb 25th - Ryan had his City Meet for Cross Country. All the teams at once - boys then girls. He finished 48th in 18:26. Way to go Ryan!!!!

Then that evening, Matthew had a baseball game...
Eyes straight out and hardly any red in the corners!!!!   :)

Michael ended up going out of town to Tucson the next day for the next 5 days.
Matthew had his Basketball Skills Competition on Feb. 28th. He did GREAT!!!!!

Watching how to do this skill. They do 3 skills in all - dribbling, hitting the basketball into a target area and shooting baskets from 6 different points.

And then they announced the winner....  Matthew wins the GOLD!!!!

Then on the 29th, he had another basketball game. Their team was so large this year, that they ended up splitting it up into 2 groups. The littles and the bigs. The 2 teams played each other this night. It ended up being his last game, for the next week, he was sick.  :(


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