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Project 365 | 11.5.2011

Today was a day that Mom & Dad had actually been waiting for for quite awhile! LOL! Back in Sept., I saw that Big Time Rush was going to be at the AZ State Fair. We decided to surprise you boys with tickets to the concert. I went and scouted out good seats (so I hoped) and purchased them at TickeMasters, then we hide them away.

Sometime in the month after, Ryan saw that they were going to be here and started talking about it. To Matthew. Ack. They even wrote the date down on the calendar. We tried to play it as cool as we could - probably sold out, we'll see - etc. etc.
As fate works, Daddy had to work that morning. But when he got home, we loaded you both up and told you that we wanted to do something fun and take you to the fair. Ryan was beginning to put 2 and 2 together, but still didn't know for sure. He brought up that BTR was there today. And again - we played as ignorant as we could, probably sold out. Rats.
We got there, parked and saw as much as we could... crazy acts/stunts as we were eating...

Texas size donut the size of his head - ROFL!

Then we wandered for a bit, going thru the animal barns and the sales barns, thru the games and the rides. Matthew picked out 2 that he wanted to do - the bumper cars and the big slide...

We took another food break, got some fries and nachos and Matthew played in the small kid area for a bit. Matthew was asking for more tickets and it was getting close to time to go in. So we pulled over to the side and I told him I remembered I had more tickets and pulled out the concert tickets. They were both quite excited!

I only took the point&shoot camera with me, wasn't sure I could get in with the big one, wasn't sure I wanted to lug it around all day either. It did ok. Still wished I'd had the big one several times that day/night.

The concert was really pretty good. It was 3/4's little girls about Matthew's age that squealed and squealed. That was very loud! :) That's when Matthew would hold his ears. The seats we got were great!!! We could all see very well and they were pretty close. There were 3 other kids with Down syndrome in the close vacinity to us too - kinda funny! No one that we knew either...  BTR gave a great show - they were very well rehearsed, actually singing, and not super jaded about it all yet. Very nice! We teased Ryan about getting a BTR t-shirt. Matthew asked to go to the bathroom about half way thru and when Michael took him up  - the 1st thing he asked for was a BTR t-shirt - LOL! They walked over to look and one of the guys selling the merchandise slipped Matthew a poster! Fun! We had a great time and over all - it was a pretty relaxing day! :) We worried that it would be total sensory overload for Matthew, but he did really well and listened really well for the most part.

Janet  – (8:46 AM)  

Wow, I don't think about a State Fair being so late in the year, but it's probably best that way where you are for the temps to be comfortable for walking around and doing 'fair things'! Such a neat surprise about the concert! Yay!

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