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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.8.2011

Today was the last swim practice for this year. With the 20 degree drop in temps, we thought the pool would be freezing, but they had solar covers on it until it was time to get in it and it wasn't bad.
Can you see him with the red kick board below?
He swam all the away across today - twice!!! Without stopping. Yay! It took him until the last 2 times across, but he did it! The State competition is this Friday, so we'll see if he can do it then.

Getting his muscles checked out! LOL!

Then is was time for this!

But, as you can see in this photo, not quite so happy on this time down. He hit his head on the side at some point. Came out of the water saying "ow". I call him over calmly and as asking him to get out of the pool. In the back of my head I hear a whistle blowing and then register that there's 3 lifeguards standing around me trying to talk to him too. The lifeguard in the pool had sounded the alarm and they all rushed over! They had cleared the pools (the 2 near by, I think) and had shut off the water slide. Dude was fine - I couldn't even see a red mark. And boy was he upset that the water slide was turned off! LOL! Then they couldn't get it to turn back on until after we'd left! Go Dude!

They were having their end-of-the-season celebration party, so we stayed and played in the water and they had quite a spread of food.
Later that afternoon, Matthew was invited to a friend's birthday party at BounceU. Tones of fun there too!

The birthday boy!!!

Entertaining the big boys with the birthday boys light sword!

Janet  – (7:52 PM)  

Matthew is a social bug, huh?? He gets invited to all of the parties! :o)

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