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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.6.2011

Today the temperature had dropped 20 degrees and it's in the mid-70's, quite a bit chillier!!!! It's overcast and quite breezy. Matthew insisted on wearing a jacket to school in the morning. He thought it was going to rain (never really did). When he got into the car after I picked him up from school, he promptly took off his shirt and put the jacket back on. Wore it that way until we were getting ready to go outside. Then I told him he needed his shirt on too - take off your jacket, put your shirt on and then put your jacket back on. I came back over and he'd put the shirt on top of the jacket. He just didn't want to switch it. End of story. So - oh well. Shirt on the outside.

He's so thrilled that we finally remembered to charge the battery on this. We're surprised that he still even remotely fits in it, but he LOVES driving it. Time to find something that fits him better...

Tonight was also Ryan's 1st band concert of the year. They were supposed to have brand new uniforms to wear, but they didn't come in in time. He wore a pair of Michael's old pants and his shirt and tie. Ack.

He was the only tuba. I thought there were more, but I forgot to ask him about it.

Janet  – (7:57 PM)  

My goodness, Ryan looks so much more like a young man rather than just a big boy anymore! What a good looking guy he is. (Don't tell him I said that, as I don't want to embarrass him!! :o) Those babies grow way too fast!

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