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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.5.2011

You and I went to the library together after school today. I had a book that had to go back today, and frankly - I was tired of reading all the same books to you at night. Time for some new ones...

I found 3 Steve Nash books for you - which is what you immediately sat down at a table to look at.

Then we picked up Ryan from school, came home and did your homework. Spelling words and 1 homework sheet of the math sort...

Then we went out front to play. The hummingbirds were fighting over the feeder tonight - darting in and out and around the front yard. At least 3 different ones. You were a bit fascinated by them and sat down on the bench for a little while to watch them.

We rode scooters around the block. We ended up meeting the grandmother of a little guy with Down syndrome while we were out. We'd met the grandfather and father a few weeks back, but hadn't met her yet. So fun that there are 3 families (including us) within our little neighborhood that have a child or grandchild with Down syndrome! Such a small world sometimes!

Janet  – (7:58 PM)  

Awesome hummingbird shot!!

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