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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.29.2011

Buddy Walk Day!This year we went to the DSNetwork's Buddy Walk at the ASU Homecoming parade. It was still a little warm today, but mostly pleasant and we had a good time!

Miss Shauni (our/his friend and his respite worker - LOVE her!!!) met us there, hung out and then walked with us.

We were there early enough to look around alot before hand, but they didn't have the give aways and such out yet. Still lots of fun things to do...

Fun bean table at Shauni's major's tent!

Dude had to take Miss Shauni for a ride on the police motorcycle...

The parade started. Sparky's the Man!!!!

Then it was our turn to jump into the parade...

He charmed everyone on our side of the street giving the "fork" and high fiving people! I saw so many people smiling when they saw him! Made my heart sing...

Had to have a little ride the last bit of the parade.

We said good bye to Miss Shauni and headed back into the Kid Fun Zone for a bit.

We left and hit up IHOP for lunch before coming home. I had a photo session this afternoon, so had to get ready for that. It turned out well (I think!), now I have alot of editing to do! :)

Janet  – (7:41 AM)  

Okay, as a mom I have to say it's totally awesome to see that he took responsibility to carry his own water bottle around the whole time! Way to go, buddy! Isn't it so nice when they keep track of it themselves?? The time our kids could finally do that themselves was such a wonderful milestone for me!! Great pics, as always, Miss Michelle! :o)

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