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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.27.2011

We had to go to the library today to return/get new books. It's right next to a photo location that I wanted to scout out again, so I took my camera and we ventured in.
We found a touch of fall...

Just a touch though. Still so pretty though...

I found som pretty light, after Matthew mad a new friend there. His new little friend was quite charmed with him and started following him around instead of going with his Dad, LOL! After his friend and Dad left, I got him to still for me for a bit...

See the crane in the water?

I'm trying to get us heading back towards the car, but Matthew keeps hearing the ducks. I walk off a ways, trying to get him to follow me and from afar, I hear the ducks getting louder and Matthew going the opposite direction from where I was going. I knew what was happening - the ducks were leaving the pond and Matthew was in pursuit! LOL! I talked him into letting the ducks back into the pond.

After we walked off a bit, they left the pond again and headed back up the path that he had followed them on! They must of had a nest over there somewhere...

We really need to go there more often. It's so close to our house, so pretty and such an oasis in the desert!

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