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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.18.2011

Two of our neighbors have blooming cactus right now. I'd been watching them to see if I could time taking my camera over there. You see - they only bloom at night, and by morning, they are starting to close already. Forget trying after school - they are done by then. So this morning - 4 of the blooms on one of them were open and I took my camera over! :)

Matthew had a field trip to a play today. Of course that meant he was up at 6am - oh the anticipation! LOL! He didn't say too much about it. It was called "Let Freedom Ring" and apparently was about America from Plymouth and up.
After school, Miss Lynnette came. She gave him the choice of playing the Wii with the Just Dance or making a Halloween candy necklace and then coloring. To our surprise, he picked the necklace!

In the past few years, he's gotten braver and braver with these - putting them in his mouth and actually taking little bites off the pumpkin charm part. He wouldn't put the little discs in his mouth, but he did the pumpkin! Yay Matthew!

His parent/teacher conference was tonight. He is doning SO well this year!!!! making progress on all his goals, his behavior is wonderful - so, so nice to hear! Ryan got his report card - all A's with only one B. Such smart boys!!!!!!

Kristin  – (9:00 AM)  

Gorgeous bloom!

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