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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.16.2011

Today was alot about outdoors!I got up and ran this morning - 8.5 miles. I found a branch about 3 miles into my run that I wanted to use for Halloween decorations by our front door. I decided to pick it up on the way back, so I did. Got some really funny looks running the last 3 miles home with the branch in my hand - LOL! It's almost as tall as I am! I'll take a photo of it sometime this week. So glad I got it, 'cause it's exactly what I was looking for and looks great!
Then after I got home, Michael was outside redoing the brakes on my Sportage and we ended up out front. The boys ended up getting out the go-kart and riding it around for awhile. Then they had friends from up the street come over for a bit. I finished putting up the Halloween decorations - outside and inside.

The friend up the street has this cool vehicle and Matthew has wanted to ride it on his own. This year, he can finally reach the pedals and get it to go! He had so much fun on it!

Ryan went to Gma/Gpa's this afternoon and helped them clean out a storage space. Michael, Matthew and I went to Outback for a nice linner (lunch/dinner). Then to WalMart to wander (Matthew) and pick up a couple things I forgot yesterday (deo for me!). Then home to finish cleaning up and laundry. Back to school tomorrow!

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