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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.15.2011

Today was a very at-home day - LOL! Michael went and picked up some dounuts for us this morning and then we started cleaning the house. I'd mentioned to Michael a while back about taking down the curtains in the house and we ended up doing that. But then I had to do some major blind cleaning - LOL! Finally stopped around 2:30 pm, cleaned up and then we went to Five Guys for linner (lunch/dinner). It was Ryan's choice today to pick where we went. It was good!I got out the point/shoot while we were there and craziness commensed...

Ryan was trying to play the cool teenager and I was trying to not let him.

Then Matthew decided to try to lick Ryan...

And then lick me!


 Then we came home and the boys played out front with the neighbors while Michael watched and I went to WalMart.

Kristin  – (10:19 PM)  

Haha - my daughter went through a licking phase - thank goodness it ended :)

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