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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.14.2011

Today was Matthew's State Swim Meet in Surprise. It's about an hour away from our house, so we all got up really early. Michael took the day off, so that we could all go up. We worried about getting there early enough - we decided to follow the vans up with the coaches and older kids in them. We got there at 6:30am. We soon learned that it was a hurry up and wait kinda thing. Didn't leave until around 7am and then didn't get up to Surprise until around 8am. The 1st session started at 8:30. Matthew didn't end up swimming until around 10am. But they had quite a few things to do that kept us occupied at least!  :)
The had some bouncy's that were sport themed - hitting golf balls, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, skeet ball.

They has an owl and 2 kinds of hawks there...

They also had popcorn, snowcones, water & fruit all set out and ready to eat.

But not enough seats. The team had brought chairs and pop-up tents to sit under, but we hadn't brought any. We found this golf cart to sit on for a bit and the curb across from it.

I got "the look" from Ryan - LOL!

Then it was finally his turn for his event - 25 meter freestyle. His coach came to get him and they put him in a first corral to sit for a bit until everyone was there. Then they moved back to this area.

The volunteers (in yellow) had a box that they carried the kids personal belongings in to give back after their event. The very nice woman in the pony tail was with Matthew's group and she stayed with them and made sure they were in the right place. He talked to her most of the time. We had to wait a bit until it was time for his group. Then they came over, got in the right row and got it!

We had coached him quite a bit - listen for the whistle, swim fast, don't stop, don't hand onto the rope, put your head down and go!!!! And he did!!!!

He was in first for a bit, then had 2nd until the last 1/4 of the pool.

This is where I stopped taking pictures and just cheered him on - LOL!!!

They had to get out of the pool and then were ushered over to another holding area until it was his time for the awards for his group. The nice lady wasn't quite watching him and he started to try to make his way over to us, on the other side of the pool! I finally got his to realize he had to go with her and she finally saw where he was - LOL!  We were pretty sure he's gotten the bronze - third place...

 - and sure enough, he did!!!! Here's the nice policewoman giving him his medal!

It was so cute 'cause he was cheering away and then he looked down at it, and got so excited when he saw it was a medal!!!

So, so cute!!!!!! We were so proud of him! So were the coaches. It was kinda funny, 'cause they were kinda shocked that he'd gotten 3rd - LOL! He's been such a booger at practice...
They had a whole parade, dance and fireworks lined up for that evening, but we decided to go home. It was all of like 10:30am at that time, it was going to be 100 degrees and we just didn't want to hang out until 7:30 that night. We walked around the booths for a bit longer and then left. We stopped on the way home at our hot dog stand that we love (Franks-A-Lot), had lunch and shatted for a bit with the owners! That was so nice! :) What a great day! :)

Tania  – (9:22 PM)  

CONGRATS Matthew!! That photo of him looking at the medal is priceless Michelle!!

Janet  – (11:16 AM)  

Love the pics right after he realized it was a medal. Oh my goodness...I would have cried!!!

robin  – (4:10 PM)  

Congrats to Matthew!!! :) I just love how happy he looks!

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