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Project 365 | 31 for 21 | 10.1.2011

Matthew had swim pratice today. We all have a love/hate relationship with swim right now. We love to go, but he's being Matthew while we're there - LOL! He just started swimming well at the end of last year and started out this year by loving it. Then I had to go sign him up for Special Olympics Swim. Yep - 25 meters across the pool in water that's usually over his head. He did great the 1st time we went -  but on that day, he watched everyone hang on the ropes and goof around and learned he could too - LOL! And he's just not sure enough about it that he doesn't swim like he does at home. If he did - man. He'd be someone to contend with. But he dog paddles instead of the nice Freestlye that he does at home. Oh well - we've decided that it's a learning year, but watch out for him next year!  He's having fun this year, and that does matter. The State competition's in a few weeks and still not sure if we should go or not...

starrlife  – (6:08 AM)  

Great shots! Glad to see you aboard the 31 for 21 train!

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