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30 day challenge | day 24 | animal

Confession time. I couldn't stop at one animal today. Couldn't. Tried to get Bella, but she's such the love lab, that you look at her and she trys to crawl into your lap for some pets. Smokey did sit still though. He didn't whine (and yes, oh yes, he does whine and whine well...), but he did get attitude and tuck his nose down when he'd had enough of the camera in his face...

The hummingbirds came out to play tonight while we were out. They were fighting over the local watering hole...

And I actually got a shot of Simba. He's so dark, he's hard to get...

Jodi  – (9:26 AM)  

Cute dog and kitty (we had one similar until she passed), and I love the humming bird picture!

Y  – (9:10 PM)  

Love the photos of your dog. Too cute!!

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