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Project 365 | 7.31.2011

Another busy day today. With lots of photos - LOL!Ryan has been asking to take this train ride for many years now, but we never had. So today - we did! (now - over a month later, I'm especially glad that we did. More on that later) We went into White River to the station and got aboard the Green Mountain Railroad for a 2 hour trip (1 hour up and 1 hour back - they reverse on the tracks).

Old Fashioned seating with the 2 seat facing each other - one riding backwards.

Beautiful scenery...

All that water. All that water that will come into play a month later...

Then that afternoon, Ryan started his "dig to the mountain" project that would keep him busy for the next few days. I never did go back with the right lens to get good photos of it and I regret that now. He escavated from Grammie & Grandpy's backyard through the brush to the base of the mountain back there. All the way to where the little creek is that runs down. Then they had a blast going back and forth through it.

Ryan had me bring the camera in and showed me the growth on this fallen down tree.

Blackberry bushes in Grammie's yard, next to a wild rose bush with all the beetles on it...    Soooo beautiful!

So - a month later on August 28th, Hurricane Irene would hit the state of Vermont. This landscape that I photographed would never be the same again. The train ride that we will won't be, I'm pretty certain. And it won't be up and running for some time either. We have seen many photos of this same route that we took on this train - train tracks just hanging there - with nothing under them - having been washed away by all that water. A quote from the Burlington Free Press -
I found photos online somewhere, but didn't bookmark them at the time. Wish I had, because now I can't find them, of course. Anyway - the train tracks are just hanging in places. You can see how close we were to the water. Alot on places in VT, the road/tracks hug the water on one side and the mountain on the other. Just a place carved out inbetween the 2. And now after Irene, she took it all the way to the moutain in so many places. Amazing.

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