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Project 365 | 7.30.2011

Today was Saturday and we were invited to go boating with Rick, Sherry & Reba! I *think* we went to Moore Reserve, but I really don't know. I should have taken a photo of one of the signs there, but didn't. So - note to self to do so next time...
There was this really cool little island that we beached at and walked around when we 1st got there. This was everyone's 1st time at this lake, so we explored a bit. Warning - photo overload!

When we landed, everyone walked off to explore. I didn't have the camera out yet (shocked, I know!), so I had to stop to get it. I could hear everyone, so I wasn't too worried, but I kept kinda stopping along the way to capture a few things. When I caught up and looked up - we were back where we started at the boat! I hadn't realized it was an island when we beached there - LOL!

Matthew decided he needed to bury Aunt Sherry's feet.

Which then turned into his feet getting buried. Then he had to break out and RUN down the beach!

They had to try out the tube while it was tied to the boat. Pulled themselves in and out with the rope. Jumped off when it was out on the water and then swam back in. Pulled each other in and out with it. Great fun!

Reba laughing at me, 'cause I was *trying* to take her photo without her seeing - but I got caught.

We ate lunch right there at this little beach and it was just so pretty!

Got bars, Reba????

Then we un-beached and took the tube out. Ryan was 1st...

We weren't sure if Matthew would be up for it, but he asked for Uncle Rick to stop pulling Ryan so he could get on! We asked Reba to get on with him the 1st time to make sure he'd be ok with it. He was! He LOVED it!!!!!

Then Reba got on and Uncle Rick threw her around! LOL! When he tossed her - she went spinning sideways, but I totally missed it with the camera.

Someone had to go by himself too...

One of my favorite photos from that day. You can see Reba (wearing the glasses), Sherry, me, part of Rick and Matthew out on the tube. Fun!

Reba drove the boat while pulling Ry for a bit...

My very favorite part of the day? The smiles on the kids faces! They had sooo much fun! It was such a laid back relaxed kinda day - loved it.

Then later on that night, when we were back in town - we drove past one of the churches where they have a little outdoor stage area and Ryan said "deer!" Grammie turned around and we drove in real slow and found her back in the corner! None of them had ever seen a deer right in town like that, so it was really cool!

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