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Project 365 | 7.28.2011

Today was a pretty lazy day. One of the things the boys love to do when we are at Grammie's is take the hike back behind their house up into the woods/mountain. Today ended up being that day. We walk over to the school next door (over the small creek inbetween on the "pallet" bridge), then up the trail head behind the school. It's a pretty short walk, I only brought my point & shoot camera, no phone, no water, Michael wore his flip flops. We got to the part where you can turn to go down and come out back a little ways over from their house, and we decided to take the turn that goes up farther instead. Michael wasn't sure, but he thought it just came out a littl farther down. Well, it didn't. LOL! We ended up going clear to the top of the mountain, back behind where we'd come in at and way over past it. Had to be a 4 mile hike at least! It was fun, but we weren't quite prepared and a certain little someone was a very tired little boy when we were done. Michael ended up carrying him out. Once we got out - we still had to head back down the road to their house.

I was going to pick a different photo to use, but I decided not to. It's just so him right now to stick his tongue out sideways like that when I'm taking photos.
This was him at the end of the trail, when we were about to make it to the road - tired and just sat down for a bit.
Not great photos, but awesome ones for the memory!!!

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