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30 day challenge | day 8 | a bad habit

I read what the challenge was after I'd had my glass of iced coffee that morning. I tired a couple of things yesterday afternoon, but it didn't work out. So this morning, before my cup of delight, I took it outside and caught it the way I wanted to.
Bad habits? I think we all like to think we don't have any. Nothing else would come to mind. I prefer to think of mine as my one vice - that one cup of coffee in the morning. When it's colder outside - it's hot, and not quite as bad for me - I feel. Less flavored creamer - hazelnut, please, not quite as sweet. But this time of year, only cold will do. I was so happy to get our Keurig machine for Christmas, because it would brew cold coffee. But after experimenting, I'm just not happy with how it does. Enter the Starbucks Via Iced Coffee packets. Just sweet enough - just a touch of creamer  - just the right amount of coffee. Love it. Love.
So - my one vice...     my morning coffee...

The Gaggle Photography  – (5:30 AM)  

Yummm, coffee. Very cool perspective on this one.

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