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Project 365 | 7.5.2011

I heard Matthew sneak into Ryan's room today. Ryan was gone - Gma's house I think? I waited a few minutes and then went to check on him. It was still dark in there, but I could hear him. I figured out that he was laying on Ryan's bed, with his head under 2 pillows playing with Ryan's MP3 player - LOL, little sneak. I turned on the light and had him take the pillows off. And of course - took a few pics. Then I distracted him with something and got him back out of the room - LOL!

That night is the night the Habbob hit Phoenix. We hadn't really been watching the news at all and had no idea it was coming.  We heard the wind and knew it had gotten dark, but hadn't paid attention.

The Phoenix Haboob of July 5th, 2011 from Mike Olbinski on Vimeo.

This one was taken out our front window at 7:34pm. That's the dust that you see and it's quite dark.

This one was taken at 7:38pm. Only 4 minutes later - see how much lighter it is? Really crazy to see the footage from the about video that I saw on the internet...

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