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Project 365 | 7.3.2011

The both of you have been watching for the release of Cars 2 and today we went to see it. Found out after we got there that AMC is having a sepcial for the summer for 4 tickets for $20 before a certain time. I think the matinee shows. We were there at like 11 something. That was a nice surprise for the ticket prices! Spent like $18 in popcorn and soda after that - LOL!
When we got inside we had to wait until the cleaned the theatre to be able to go in to sit. Matthew saw this huge display for Tansformers 3!!!! So funny that he knows about the movie  - but we've never taken him to them. He's seen small bits and pieces at home when Ry's watched it, but we've never shown him the whole movie and never taken him to the theatre for it. Just too much for him.

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