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Project 365 | 7.25.2011

Therapy Day today! Miss Adrian came first. She brought the ball drop game (Don't know it's "real" name! LOL!). I love it when she brings it, because the photographer in me knows the photos will vibrant for that day - LOL! (She'll get a giggle out of that too!)

Can you see someone in the background?

He was pretty comfy.

I wrote down a couple of the sentances that Matthew said this weekend. His language just seems to be improving so much lately.
"I can't reach it!"
"Let's go make muffins!"
Complete 4 word sentances with contractions and everything! Love it!!!!

Then Miss Lynnette came. You did a couple of the worksheets again and then played Wii. You did bowling, golf and baseball.

We haven't been swimming as much. Last night we had another big storm. There's a little bit of dirt, leaves in the pool that we need to get cleaned out. I can't get my arm wet (probably for weeks - makes life interesting), and it's a little hot to go sit out there without being in the water. Matthew goes in when Daddy gets home most nights, but tonight they didn't for some reason.

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