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Project 365 | 7.23.2011

Today was Matthew's first Special Olympics Swim practice. Michael had to work and Ryan spent the night at Gma/Gpa's. Gpa took him to a train swap today. So - it was just Matthew and I. I wasn't sure how he'd do - but he was a rock star! I talked to him about it as we were going. That it was a big pool and that he couldn't go play - but needed to listen to the coach. It's a 25 yard pool and he swam it twice on his own today! Woot! He didn't put his head under this time, which will make him faster next time, but he did it and did awesome! First thing, they did some stretching exercises. They swam one time across. Then they did a few kicking exercises, then went to the other side and went across (timed) a second time. I should have asked what his time was, just to know, but I didn't.
Waiting his turn to get in...

Ready to do the distance the 1st time across!

Coming back the second time.

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