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Project 365 | 7.22.2011

Yesterday I went to a dermatologist and walked out with a hunk of my arm missing. I was called on Tuesday and told the results of the biopsy from last Thurs. The area was "changing into melanoma" and I needed to be seen by a dermatologist quickly. So my appointment was today. I ended up having the large freckle on my arm removed and sent out for another biopsy. They had to make sure the area was completely removed, or they'd have to go back in and remove some more, so that it won't metastasize. I've had the call this morning that they've got it all and now have an appointment to to back in for a piece of pig skin to be stitched into the place to cover it. Yes - it's big enough that they can't just stitch me shut. Fun.

I knew it was going to have to be removed per the conversation with the nurse from the doc's office. I knew it. I went into the derm. being told it would be a consult and the surgery would be scheduled for later. But then, due to scheduling with me, I was having surgery within 1/2 hour of meeting the dermatologist. And it's a pretty large area on my arm. Kind of a shock when it's all said and done. Didn't sleep well last night. Arm doesn't hurt, but it just doesn't feel right.
So - today - it's all good again. Done feeling sorry for myself. Sure, the pig and I are going to become super close friends - family. Sure I'm going to have a nice scar there. But it's way, way better than the alternative! I'll take it...

Moral of the story - wear sunscreen and lots of it. Make sure you keep watch on your body. I've had this area for years. I've had it checked by the doc Doc each year for several years now. But in the last few months, it had crusted over a couple of times. Like I'd scraped it on something, but I hadn't. And on that last time - I had it checked by the doc a week ago and he biopsied it. He didn't seem to think it was anything either.
But it was.

And, if you know me, of course I had to go pick up my camera this morning. I needed pretty, so pretty is what I found.

I forgot to explain this photo. He made me giggle out loud today. He had the full costume on and The Fresh Beat Band song "Get Up and Go!" came on. I turn to see him dancing and singing along with the video. So, so cute!!!

JennO  – (3:04 PM)  

Oh. My. Word. Well, I'm glad they could get you in and taken care of so quickly. I'll be thinking of you and having some quick healing thoughts for you. Take care of yourself...maybe a little extra pampering of some sort is in order. HUGS!

On a side note, gorgeous flower shots, definitely so happy!

Janet  – (8:38 PM)  

I'm just catching up on your posts. Goodness about your biopsy and removal of skin. Praying that all heals quickly! {{hugs}}

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