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Project 365 | 7.1.2011

Towards the end of school, I decided to try to make you peanut butter toast for breakfast. You usually have peanut butter on graham crackers, but I feel you have that too often and that you needed something a *little* healthier and more substantial. So - peanut butter toast made with 12 grain bread. You have adjusted to it very well. It's a small adjustment, given you already ate this, you're ust having it more often now - but I feel it's a good adjustment. And having it more often is causing you to eat more of it. Most days you will eat the whole thing, both pieces (I cut it in half).

Miss Shauni came over again today and I went to a photog "playdate" with 2 friends. We got some Subway to eat and chatted. Then one of them had a client's wedding dress and shoes dropped off. We set up a vignette or sorts and she got out her studio lights and we played. Super fun time! First time I had ever used studio lights, so that was kind of fun. I got some really nice shots, but nothing I can show! :)

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