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Project 365 | 7.11.2011

Miss Adrian came in the morning for ST. She brought some PlayDoh, which you promptly asked to be made into a golf game. She has you describe how to make the game with her and then you take turns, using a big sentance to ask for the club and balls. Such fun! Then you got out your new bowling set and you played with that for a bit (which is when she gave me the tip about it!).

I had to go out to take my sepia photo, so the boys went for a swim. I had bought these gerber daisies over a week ago and this one was still fresh.

Matthew and I had gone to Michael's (store - confused Matthew when we went. He kept asking if I meant Daddy - ROFL! We haven't been there in a LONG time.) on Sunday and found these plastic water rocket things. You put some water in them, pump them up with the air pumpers and then launch them. Cheap and they only lasted a couple of days, but you both had so much fun with them and so did Bella. So much so that she fell into the pool. We let her swim a bit and then got her out. She sheds soooooo much in the pool!

I had bought these flowers on Sat. I so love when WalMart marks down their flowers - $2.50 for these and for the gerber's the week before. They usually last at least a week, sometimes a little longer.

That afternoon, Miss Lynnette came for OT. First you did a couple writing worksheets.

Then she brought a new-to-us game to play - Skip Bo! You picked it up pretty quickly.

Then the sky did this that night...

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