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Project 365 | 7.10.2011

Well - the whole reason that Dad got to come home early on Friday, was that he was leaving today for a week in Little Rock at a Hawker Beech plant that's there. So this morning, bright and early, we took him to the airport.Yesterday while we were at WalMart, Matthew found this little bowling set that he had to have. Ryan helped him set it up today with a board and then he put notecards on the sides to form bumpers. kept you two busy for a little while! :)
You would get a little frustered trying to set it up, Matthew. You fingers would knock them back down and you didn't know how to set the pins in the triangle form. One of you therapists suggested making a pattern for you to use to set them back up with using paper and a marker, but we haven't gotten them back out to try that yet.

After you were done with the bowling (by 8am!) we were outside to get the outside cleaned up again from the storm last night. The white "thing" was a large 10x20 carport that we had purchased at the beginning of summer to cover the items there on the side. The black metal frame in the front is one of those pop ups that we had taken the cover off well before the Haboob, but had left up incase we wanted to put the cover back on to sit under it (it's taken down now too). The Haboob had picked up the white carport and shifted it, very neatly about 2 feet away from the house, where we'd set it up. It still had a couple of the stakes still in the ground and we knew we wouldn't be able to shift it back over by ourselves, so we'd left it until we could get help. But we didn't reset the tent stakes that had been pulled up. What are the odds that we'll get another huge storm like that within a week? Opps. Last night's storm about tossed it into the neighbors yard and there wasn't a thing we could do about it. Ryan and I got it taken apart. There's one pole out of the whole thing that's bent. Otherwise it's totally fine, thankfully. I think we might wait until Monsoon is over before it goes back up though.

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