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Project 365 | 6.7.2011

Today started out as a busy morning for me, at least. We had all these bags stacked up in our bedroom with stuff for Goodwill. The treadmill was on the other side of the room, in front of the window and it was hard for me to run, looking sideways to see the TV. Michael had suggested that we move it to my side of the bed, closer to the TV. So today, I did. Out to the car went all the bags (and were delivered to Goodwill the next day), and over went the treadmill. Now I can pull the tv out and still see it when I'm running! Awesome!!!! The 4 mile + runs that I'm getting up to can get soooo boring on a treadmill, so it's nice to have it all work out better. Looks really ugly from the doorway - but oh well. This is real life.

I peeled off some more of the wall paper border that's been in our room forever. I'm hoping to paint our room this summer. If the summer would stop going so dang fast.
We ended up outside in the afternoon again. I usually go out to water the flowers and it was still cool enough that everyone drifted out with me.

Soon all the kids in the neighborhood were out and baseball commensed - and whatever else they could think up.

Not a great pic, but I love that you can see the sunflowers and how tall they got (now - a month later - they are almost gone.). The kids are all huddled around looking at the ants and such there.

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